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Garter's circular loom will put the flat yarn spindles on the creel stand of loom according to the total warp numbers of bags, set the weft weaving number on the touch screen monitor, and set six weft shuttle weaving width according to the gauge ring setting from lay-flat width 350mm to 850mm, 3 sizes gauge ring free with each loom. Without a doubt it is your best choice for a circular loom.

  • All the bearings equipped are from FAG Germany, keeping machine parts long life for more than 2.5 years.
  • Pull-up servo motor and controller purchase from Telemechanique Schneider (France)
  • HMI 4.7” touch screen monitor and PLC (Delta, Taiwan)
  • Grommet belt material (Nylon coating with Polyurethane) 50% more life than the other material.
Synchronization AC motor + reducer driving (Siemens Germany) the flat cam directly (as follow picture) to achieve the obvious improvement as: High efficiency, energy saving, low consumption and low fault.
Weft Sensor & Bobbin Sensor
Weft sensor for detecting shuttle package yarn broken. Bobbin sensor for detecting shuttle package before yam empty.
The shuttle is precision-machined on sophisticated CNC equipment, giving a high consistency and uniformity to the final product. Latest design without thrust gear box avoid throw out shuttle from track; with yarn auto tension control to weaving perfect fabric.




Used Yarn

polypropylene (PP) flat yarn

Warp Supply System

driving by the roller with water

Lay-flat Width Of Cloth

350~850 mm

Number Of Shuttles

6 shuttles

Weft Insertion Speed

max. 183 rpm/shuttle (1050 insertions/min)

Warp Guiding System

warp guiding roller with auto tension control x 2 sets

Weft Density

3~5 picks/cm, setting on HMI

360 Spindles Creel Stand

2 sets (total 720 spindles)

Bobbin In Use

35 mm (ID) x 39 mm (OD) x 220 mm (L)

Driving Of Take-up Roller

1 HP servo motor + reducer (synchronizing with inverter)


Telemechanique Schneider Brand

Control System

HMI/PLC/5.7” touch screen monitor

Cooling Fan

1/2 HP x 4 pole x 3 phase

Cloth Winder

10 kg/cm2 torque motor + reducer x 1 set

Max. Dia. Of Winding Roll

Ø 1000 mm

Winding Type

two-roller surface winding

Reference Consumption

5.2 A at 150 rpm/shuttle