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The PP bag and cement bag making machine includes 9 units to become a complete set of machinery for integral operation. First from single PP/PE laminated cloth or sandwich PP-paper laminated cloth – printing – join – pasting – perforating – forming – rotary cutting – convey – counting, etc. Then continuing operation. Welcome to contact for more cement bag making machine and PP bag making machine details.

Hot Melt Adhesive
Forming Device
Cutting Device
Type Of Tube





Max. 160 tubes/min.

Cutting Length (CL)


Tube Width (gusseted) (TW)
Tube Width (flat) (TW)

368~495m/m(14 1/2"~19 1/2")
368~597m/m(14 1/2"~23 1/2")

Gusset Width (GW)

63~152m/m(2 1/2"~6")

Valve Extension Height (VH)

25~63m/m(1"~2 1/2")

Valve Extension Width (VW)

57~76m/m(2 1/4"~3")

Number of Ply

Up to 6 plies

Paper Width

Max. 1,220m/m (48")

Paper Roll Diameter

Max. 1,300m/m (51")

No. of Printing Color

1~3 colors at your option.

Hot Melt Applicator

Cross Pasting Unit (optional), to apply cross-wise glue line on each web. (Available for 4-ply or 6-ply) If a bag is made being cross-pasted, * opening of bag mouth, when to fill products in, is easily done and incorporating a glue pump with motor.
Volume of glue can be controlled by valve freely.
Gluing speed is perfectly synchronized with paper speed.

* Indispensable for application on Automatic SEWING LINE, which opens up bag mouth by means of vacuum (mechanically), instead of manually.