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FY120 1300 216HS (FW-500)


The Garter brand flat yarn making machine is equipped with a heavy hardness grinding gearbox and special mixing zone screw with a high-quality nitride cylinder, connected with hot-rolled alloy steel of T-die, and auto screen change filter that can save your material loss a lot.
Also the side yarn reclaim system is expected to reach out of no-loss achievement. Chiller ensures the water cooling system not to worry while producing at high speed. Stretching oven, double layers hot air circulation design makes stronger tension yarns within a stable denier range.
Annealing chill roller anneals the yarn for releasing inner force, making yarn forming with stronger tension. Take-up winders, fitted with modern design (inverter control style) of auto tension control for more production performance.
According to professional experiences, the yarn spindles' quality meets international demands. The concentration style control panels with digital meter controllers make operation easily and stably. All the features are based on professional experiences. Welcome to contact for more flat yarn making machine information.

T-die with two Auto filter Changer :

Built with hot-rolled alloy steel from Germany PDB-5

Quench Unit & HMI Control panel:

Moveable quench bath more easy operation and clean with HMI control panel.

Slitting Unit:

With latest design of auto razor blade position moving system

Take-up Unit:

Quipped 2 pieces hard chrome plated roll, driving with chain wheel, control by the inverter motor, powerful and stably.

Side Yarn Reclaiming System:

Assembled with crusher, conveying blower and pressure screw the thicker yarn, both sides of film, is reclaimed by the unit. After being crushed, yarn chips are blown into storage tank, and Are conveyed together with raw resin into the hopper via pressure screw for re-extruding, without wasting materials.

Gear Pump:

It's commander of extruder with setting pressure control the screw rpm let the output material quantity all the same in anytime, so the denier of flat yarn will all the same, to qualify the yarn and saving a lot of cost and control the weight of bag as requirement.

Stretching Oven:

Latest double layers designed make air circulation equally hot, creating a regular and average component structure of yarn.This results in stronger tension yarns within a stable denier range.

The pneumatic switch controls the cover of oven, up and down, easily and safely.


Stretching & Annealing Roller with Synchronal Control System:

The roller's surface is hard enough to bear steel knife cutting, so that rollers are ensured to roll up without being ground by the yarn. The special bearing seat design and balance of roller assures stability while running at high speeds. Two stretching rollers with endless belt driving system. Two pre-heating rollers with oil circulation system and mold temperature control. Two chill rollers with chill water circulation, also equipped Anti-static bar avoid the yarn catch on the roller easily.

Economic Tape Winder

Model: FW-400N (Max winding speed: 400 M/min)

Inverter driven Tape Winders are an ideal choice for producing high quality precision cross wound packages of PP/HDPE flat/fibrillated tapes. They are compatible to work with modern high speed tape extrusion plants and circular looms. They are designed to give high output, high quality, reduced wastage and lower downtime. The structures offer a space saving 7 deck layout. Tape Winder basic inverter driven with a pre-selected fixed wind ratio using timer belt pulleys. Simple construction and reduced moving parts make it a low maintenance, lower frictional and inertial losses in the mechanism ensure a low power consumption. The high performance to price ratio was the most attractive feature of this winder.

Tape Winder

Model: FW-500N (Max winding speed: 500 M/min)

Tape Winder equipped with an electronic gearbox to vary the wind ratio (crossing angle) automatically as the diameter of wound package increases. This ensures unwinding of package at constant tension at higher pick speeds thereby resulting in minimum width variation of the woven fabric. This winder has 2 sets of energy efficient induction motors and frequency drives to control the speeds of winding spindle and cam independently. Winding tension on spring results in lower power consumption and longer service life. A length measurement and annunciation device facilitates. Producing tapes in unwinding. Quick, easy and online recipe configuration provides optimum winding quality of a wide variety of tape widths and deniers.

Mixer (manual style)

Turbulence produced by 8 blades mixing in all directions. Integrated polish inside and outside, smooth surface no leftover. Pilot lamps for power supply, motor and safety switch equipped.

Weight Scale Blender

  • Reduced weight and footprint.
  • Overall precision of ±0.1% of specified blend .
  • Compressed air gun for quick cleanout included .
  • Easy access to all material contact surfaces of the machine including hoppers, weigh bin, and mixing chamber permits rapid color change without the use of tools.



FY95-780-126H (FW-400N)

FY120-1300-216HS (FW-500N)


600-1000 denier PP flat yarn

500-1000 denier PP flat yarn

Max Output Capacity

250 kg/hr

500 kg/hr

Line Speed

50-360 m/min

200-460 m/min



Gear Pump

Output Capacity

300 kg

550 kg

Thickness Measurement System



Die Length

780 mm

1300 mm

Film Width

690 mm

1200 mm

Quench Unit


Slitting Unit

1 SET with auto razor blade position moving system

Side Yarn Reclaiming System


Stretching Oven


Stretching Roller

Pre-Heater Roller


Annealing Roller

Chill Roller


Electrical Panel

1 set concentration style panel (synchronous speed control)

Tape Winder




Tension Control

inverter frequency control

Winding Speed

400 m/min

500 m/min