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Twin Screw PET Strapping Band Extrusion Line


  1. High breaking strength and consistent tensile strength for a safe package, always keeping the package tight even when the packaging goods shrink.
  2. Less material cost up to 50% than steel strapping.
  3. No sharp edges like steel strapping, safer for packaging and easier for handling, even in case of strapping breakages.
  4. Higher elongation and elasticity for absorbing higher shocks and impacts during transportation than steel strapping.
  5. Corrosion resistant for not damaging or contaminating the package goods, even if the goods are exposed to humidity or stored outdoors.
  6. Higher production efficiency with automatic strapping system.
  7. 100% polyester, environment friendly.
Material PET flake (A++ grade), PP (recycle/clean)
Width of PET band 9 – twin band extrusion
12 – twin band extrusion
15 – single band extrusion
19 – single band extrusion
Capacity 60-150 kg/hr 100-250 kg/hr 140-350 kg/hr
Extruder 1 unit
Pre-heat 1 unit
Hydraulic filters 1 unit
Gear pump 1 unit
Stretching unit no. 1 1 unit
Stretching unit no. 2 1 unit
Stretching unit no. 3 1 unit
Stretching unit no. 4 1 unit
Embossing unit 1 unit
Thermal setting unit 1 unit
Take up unit 1 unit
Winding unit 1 unit