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Standard Specification

According to the model required, three types of superstructures are made.

  1. Yarn let off over section beams or warp beams.
  2. Strip cutting extension machine and transport rollers
  3. Transport rollers and deflection rollers (if a creel is used).

Knitting Elements

2 latch needle bars
4 ground bars and 5 pattern bars
2 needle bars with sinker bar
The drive to the knitting elements is by special cams


Pattern drive
Single drum pattern drive in-built pattern change device. By means of this device it is possible to produce 3-faced closed sacks.

Fabric take-up
3-roller lake-up controlled by change gears for adjusting stitch density. (1 set of change gears included)
Fabric batching device :
Suitable for 1,016 mm (40") batch diameter freestanding type with auto-drive.

Variable main drive, and complete electrical equipment.

Technical data
Tubes of a fine gauge of 12-14 per inch
Performance: 500 Rpm
Packing sucks 2-6 Gauges
Performance: 500-600 Rpm
Widths: 130"-170"

Working width 130" 150" 170"
Measurement A 5800 6300 6820
Main Motor HP 5 7.5 7.5